We invite you to unfold in the presence of each other

- The Guides

Är du redo för en djupt, transformativ resa?
Then you have come to the right place!

Are you ready for a deeply transformative journey? Then you have come to the right place!

Stargate Meditations & Soundhealing

Through toning, tone and vibration baths, sonar healing, unfolding qigong movements and meditation, we invite you to an experience-based journey and weekend to explore your inner world and being.

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Intuitiv coaching

I do intuitive, channeled readings where I reflect what is most relevant in your life right now, or what your guides want to convey and make you most aware of here and now.

Questions & Answers

The Stargate is built of copper pipes that strengthen and keep the energy active in the room.

The structure is built based of sacred geometry and acts as an energy, vibration anchor.

When we sit in or around the Stargate and allow ourselves to be vibrated and held in the energy fields that we build up in our work in the workshop, we come into a greater resonance with our higher self or what some call the source.

In this state we get access to a higher consciousness and understanding of our everyday situation.

We gain access to a deeper knowledge of who and what we are beyond our perceptions, our identity.

Everything in the Universe vibrates and in that way I can discern what energies or who is present in the room, by feeling changes and receiving guidance that arises in the moment.

By toning in on your energy field, using my intuition, I get the information contained therein.

I am trained in medium communication and use it as I do the readings.  

The session takes place over Zoom. You will receive a Zoom link when we set a time, the date the payment is completed.

The session lasts 60 minutes and you get a recording afterwards. Kostnaden är 950 kr.

It is only information that is relevant to you at the moment or answers to questions that have within you that emerge that move you forward in life to a more fulfilling life.