Everything in the Universe vibrates and in that way I can discern what energies or who is present in the room, by feeling changes and receiving guidance that arises in the moment.
When the participants come in contact and remember themselves in a larger perspective, their guides of various kinds, there is usually a recognition that supports a feeling of a greater depth in themselves and the whole ...

About me

It is a privilege to work as a bridge and interpreter between the various astral worlds and this place where we are on earth now.

My job is to put into words the communication from yourself to yourself. To be the mirror image that you can reflect on and thus discover your beautiful inner nature, your true essence.

With the ability to feel what is happening in the room, both on a personal level and in the group, I guide through meditation, qigong exercises, channeled guidance and messages to help strengthen energies, interaction and help to reconnect to our own intuition.